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Charity Association NUR
Who are us?

We are a volunteer group from Kosovo, Switzerland and Egypt that we established this charitable charity association and we contributed and helped during the 1990s during the war and will help you with the help of those who are in need.

We will help you with food, clothes, refurbishment of your home, construction and many other things that people are in need or orphans.

We are also multi-donor blood donors.

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Emri i Bankes
Banka Kombetare Tregtare
XK05 1903 0014 7903 1176
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Rr. Ukshin Hoti, Pejton, 10000 Prishtinë, Kosovë
For any inquiries call the hotline: +4176-380-2596
+383 44 393 695
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Hasan Abdullahu

Hasani is an Egyptian, a permanent resident of Switzerland, a contributor to his country and Kosovo, but also a worthy humanist.

Sherif Sherifi
Deputy chairman of the association, principal coordinator and secretary of the association

Albanian from Kumanovo, a permanent resident of Switzerland, a contributor to the pre- and post-war national affairs and a strong humanist of the Albanian nation.

Idriz Pllana
Director of the association

Resident of Prishtina, an actor of national affairs in Kosovo starting from 1974 in the illegal and multiple blood donor. In 1990 he was a member of the Initiative Council for the establishment of the LDK branch in Dardania and for the opening of other branches in the local community.

At the inaugural council of the humanitarian association "Nena Tereze" in Dardania and the member of the branch branch from 1990 until 2005 when the branch was extinguished.
Idriz Pllana is the first initiator and co-founder of the humanitarian association for blood donation and a member of the association's leadership in the first mandate and multiple donors (over 120 times).

On January 21, 1991, he was a Kosovo delegate in Stuttgart, Germany, for the anniversary of the Gervalle killings to uncover the killer and return their remains to Kosovo.

Idriz Pllana as a representative of the humanitarian association in Berlin in Germany in 1991 with the late Fehmi Agani from LDK and Jusuf Hakaj of KLMDNJ gave an interview with German German television in Albanian Language.

It is also at the founding council of Mosque Dardania headed by the mosque Imam and still a member of the mosque council.

Jakup Abdullahu
Coordinator of the association

From Pristina, an activist and a humanist, where in the 1990's there were held various forums and forums, and humanitarian aid was distributed.

Drita Qengaj
Assistant and coordinator

Activists and humanitarians.